While the world moves more deliberately towards an online life, we find that targeted print advertising remains highly effective for our luxury homes. We take advantage of print opportunities with our local publications such as the Santa Fe New Mexican, Real Estate Guide, Pasatiempo, TABLE magazine, Fine Lifestyles and more.


In addition to creative marketing in local publications, our partnership with Forbes Global Properties offers high-profile editorial and advertising opportunities in national and international publications for our luxury homes.


Why does Barker Realty lead Santa Fe’s largest brokerages with the lowest average days on market to sell your home? We do things differently!


Known for fresh and highly developed marketing that engages and serves our community, our team collaborates closely to produce pieces that go beyond “typical real estate advertising.” Through social media and other online marketing, the Barker Realty platform is highly effective and stands out from our competition.


Our social media presence is focused on engaging the community and serves as a voice for local events and activities, world-wide accolades for Santa Fe, and informative pieces. As such, our sites produce more engagement and followers than any other local brokerage. By creatively re-targeting your property, we are able to narrow down the audience and get your listing in front of the right people. Our Facebook and Instagram sites reach an average of 120,000 people each month.


Forbes offers more earned media reach than any brand in the luxury real estate space, resonating across multiple demographics. In 2022, our listings were viewed on Forbes Global Properties website by 42,237 unique visitors.


Exclusive tailored real estate marketing is a personalized approach to marketing a property that takes into account the unique features and characteristics of the property, as well as the needs and preferences of potential buyers. This type of marketing is particularly effective for luxury properties, where the target audience may be more discerning and have more specific requirements.

By tailoring the marketing approach to your property and its potential buyers, our brokers create a more personalized and engaging experience for the buyer. This can include customized property descriptions, high-quality images and videos, and targeted advertising on platforms that are likely to reach the intended audience. By showcasing the property in the best possible light and highlighting its unique features and benefits, we can increase the chances of generating interest and ultimately closing a sale.

Furthermore, exclusive tailored real estate marketing can also help to establish a sense of exclusivity and prestige around the property. By creating a custom marketing campaign that is unique to the property and its target audience, we position the property as a one-of-a-kind offering that is not available elsewhere. This is particularly appealing to high-end buyers who are looking for a property that is unique and exclusive.

An Unparalleled Suite Of Innovative Marketing Services

International showcase for premium properties at including property listings and articles about them and the luxury market.


Page on
High-impact page on where homes are presented to Forbes readers alongside engaging editorial and unique insights.


Agent Tools
Powerful consumer analytics and tools that help agents to pinpoint, engage, and target prospective home buyers.


Engaging newsletters and digital marketing to promote important properties.


Elegant digital and print branding to best present homes to potential buyers.


Forbes Events
Opportunity to join in at Forbes events and network at conferences.


Premier advertising opportunities in Forbes digital and print publications, strategically targeted to reach qualified prospects.


Public Relations
Global public relations campaigns targeted to the most impactful audiences and markets.


Branded gifts and subscriptions.

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